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The GOOD Challenge creates memorable experiences that give back to charity. We are gamifying doing good through awesome adventures and activities that will push you out of your comfort zone, all for a cause you care about. Our challenges come in a printed book, pages filled with ways to connect with each other and your community. We’re gamifying doing good by leveraging fun social experiences to raise awareness and funds for important causes, at a time when they need it most. Our goal is to make giving back more experiential, less transactional, and accessible from anywhere. Challenge yourself for a cause you care about with your colleagues #havefundogood together and #takethegoodchallenge

In today’s world, it is especially difficult to find the right ways to engage and connect with your employees, especially for medium-large sized organizations in remote, hybrid, and multi-unit work environments. Our experience helps to combat virtual fatigue (yay! Not only Zoom party!), build cross-functional relationships, and cultivate culture. Most importantly, for you and your team, paying it forward in the workplace pays dividends in terms of enhanced employee performance and engagement. Our team building experience not only gives back to an important cause, it also has opportunities for employee rewards and recognition built right in.

We bring together the power of play and the power of paying it forward into one experience your entire team will love.

Charitable experiences over the last year have become completely transactional. These social experiences are such a huge part of the community and are at the heart of every charity and their relationship with their corporate partners. Our mission at The GOOD Challenge is to raise awareness and funds for non-profits, and to enable the way we engage in philanthropic team building experiences, making them more accessible, shareable, and fun.

Key Highlights of our experience

  • Accessible from anywhere: employees engage in a shared social experience from wherever they are, with the ability to include employees from coast to coast and in every department.
  • Relationship building: we split your group up into teams, providing opportunities to build cross-functional relationships and for some friendly competition.
  • Offline but still remote: the challenges are designed to be completed individually and off of the computer, combating virtual fatigue and fostering human connection, all in a safe way.
  • Rewards and recognition: we give prizes for the team who completes the most challenges, as well as for best entries, and can work with you to tailor the prizing criteria to align with your company’s values.
  • Have fun and do good: each Challenge Pack gives back 20% to charity, and every challenge is designed to be really fun and/or to do good for the community. At the end of the pack, there is a specific ‘good’ challenge’ that involves donating your time or goods to your local community.
  • Full service: we manage everything about the experience end-to-end, taking pressure off of your people managers to build meaningful experiences for their teams to engage in.
  • Employer Branding: Include ways to directly connect with your company’s mission and vision in the experience

Pricing and Participants

Pricing varies depending on the number of Challengers. We always maintain at least a 20% give back and include prizing within this price as well. Our experience ranges from $35 to $55 per person depending on the size of the group and the level of customization. We also recommend gifting our Challenge Packs. Connect with us for more information.

Take the GOOD Challenge with your team

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