Family Edition



About the Challenge

With this Challenge Pack, doing good is a family affair! It’s packed with 10 super-fun activities you can all enjoy together, whether it’s getting creative, adding a unique spin to dinnertime, or engaging in some friendly competition. Plus, there’s a bonus GOOD challenge to do at the end! You’ll give back to a cause you care about, and the best part? You can find all or most of the supplies you need around your home. With every challenge you complete, enter to win cool prizes from brands that care!

Example Supplies

Just a couple things you’ll need: Family recipes, a bucket and lots of ice—plus more items you’ll find around your house!

Number of People

This challenge is recommend for: Three or more people

Favourite Challenge

Our fave challenge: When it Hails

How It Works

How It Works

Choose your challenge

Our Challenge Packs that give back come in a book with 10 themed challenges and include adventurous games and activities that will push you out of your comfort zone and get you trying new things.

Find your cause

We donate at least 20% of every dollar ($10 per pack) to one of over a dozen charitable organizations, chosen by the consumer. Funds are allocated by the charity to the place of greatest need at the time of donation.

Win cool prizes

We reward our Challengers with awesome prizes from Canadian brands that care. Challengers submit evidence that they completed each challenge and are then entered for a chance to win one of our prizes.

Nominate others

Once a challenge is complete, it can then be passed along, as the instructions for each are designed to be mailed like a postcard. There is even a little spot for a stamp and to write a note to the person you nominate.